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Ferry service for high secure events
Your reliable safety driving service with luxury coaches and limousines by specially certified driver
For particularly sensitive events with the participation of high-ranking politicians, ambassadors and economic boards we offer you our special high-secure ferry service. Such a high-profile event with exquisite participants and an increased demand for qualified and discreet service for politicians and other high-ranking personalities is, for example, the G7 Summit and the G8 summit. The annually organised at different locations in one of the participating countries meet to political and economic issues with representatives of the seven most important industrial nations is regarded as one of the most important conferences in the world. For each of these events will be organised with the highest safety precautions important and therefore safe to protecting people in limousines or larger groups of employees in coaches on the venue and chauffeured to the hotels. We offer you on these occasions a team on the heart and kidneys tested, specially trained drivers for a guaranteed all-round safe and comfortable passenger transport of participants on the destination of the G7 summit or similar meetings. Of course you can use our special driving service for embassies, government agencies, as well as organizations and businesses outside of such events such as the G7 or G20 summit. For more information and proof of our high secure ferry service, please refer to our page under the heading "Certified Team".

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Qualified staff with a high level for embassy staff and politicians
We offer with our special driving service for embassies, as well as for politicians and their staff tailor-made services according to the special occasion to be traversed and the customers. The absolute discretion and a high level of guests and events appropriate behavior and manners are just as self-evident as absolute punctuality, reliability and safety awareness. As a ferry service also for politicians, ambassadors and business leaders from abroad is the mastery of the English language for the driver of our exclusive teams is a prerequisite. Please do not hesitate to contact us, please give us a call or send us an e-mail and we will inform you in detail about our professional driving service for high secure events.

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Drivers and vehicles of the extra class for high-profile meetings and summits
In the case of international and with high media interest covered summit of the most powerful politicians, ambassadors and influential business leaders of the earth and its employees is a high degree of safety is essential. The most well-known and international politics and economy for the most important of these meetings with participants from all over the world are the group meeting of the G-summit. Particularly high caliber is the hand-picked G7 summit, to which only the seven most powerful and wealthiest countries in the world with their representatives are admitted as a participant. Currently, these include Germany, France and Italy, Japan and Canada, as well as Great Britain and the United States. The length of time on the G8 summits participating Russia is currently not for political reasons. Much more participants, namely 20, trips to the likewise each year's G20 summit of major industrialized and emerging countries in the world. This includes, in addition to the most powerful seven different nations such as China and Brazil, Turkey, South Africa and Saudi Arabia. While the smaller G7 and the G8 summit earlier mostly in remote places in the mountains or by the sea, such as Taormina in Sicily in 2017, at the G20 summit are usually much larger metropolises of the venue. 20 participating countries require more personnel, organization and security, as well as accommodation. How high the safety precautions need to be showed to the riots at the G20 summit in Hamburg 2017. The ferry service for such sensitive high secure events must therefore be in every relationship from the safety of the vehicle up to the sovereign and serene personality and qualifications of the driver absolutely top. We offer with our certified team as an elite among the drivers specially trained and tested as well as character fixed driver in a class of its own, the passengers with a good sense of security, and limo/town car or coach sovereign chauffeured to your destination. On request, the customer's vehicle and driver during the entire time of the meeting around the clock. For upcoming summit, to take place in Europe and therefore well suited to control by car or coach, you can now add to our popular and qualified car service: for example, after the G7 summit in Canada in 2018 with France again in 2019 a European neighbor is the host. We are happy to take your advance bookings for our qualified driving service for high secure events.

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